Conventional Shreveport Breast Augmentation is Safer for Now

Because of the recognized ability of stem cells for tissue or organ regeneration, advertising claims on what stem cell therapy can do to reverse aging have taken a tricky turn. Many of the claims of what the therapy can do have not been proven and are yet without any scientific basis. There was a case involving an L.A. resident two years ago that made headlines after the latter underwent a stem cell facelift.

The woman turned over her own adult stem cells to the clinic that would perform surgery on her, and unknowingly injected mesenchymal stem cells (cells more likely to turn to bone rather than fat) into her eyelids. The result is an unwavering pain and a disturbing “clicking” sound in her right eye, which turned out to be small fragments of bone rubbing against each other. The patient was unable to open her eyes for months.


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