Shreveport Plastic Surgery Brings the “Distinct Face” Closer to You

Conventions of beauty are relative, usually depending on the location and era, and are, therefore, always changing. A certain standard has remained, though—the preference for symmetrical beauty; one that some people refer to as the mathematical basis of beauty, or the Golden Ratio.

From a postmodern or post-structural perspective, that definition of beauty is already non-existent, with androgyny being the norm of today’s beautiful people. However, there’s always that distinct face or body that people look for and love in models or Hollywood celebrities, no matter how diverse their features may be. That “distinct face” – which, surprisingly, still adheres to symmetry – would always be a factor in people’s pursuit of beauty, even in the development of procedures for plastic surgery in Shreveport, Louisiana, and other cities in the United States.


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