Increase Your Confidence with Breast Augmentation in Shreveport, LA

“Breast augmentation in Shreveport is not an easy matter to decide on though. Women should first consider why they want to undergo that procedure. From a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, those who had breast augmentation done were usually around 30 to 39. This is usually the age when women are in the middle of their childbearing years; they would have concerns about their breasts losing their fullness and volume. The same can be said for those who are older, though they would be more concerned in staving off the effects of age.

Those who undergo augmentation have two choices of implants. The first is made of silicone gel; this is usually the preferred implant due to its long track record of success. It also makes breasts fuller and firmer with a more natural feel. The second choice is to use saline implants. These are essentially bags filled with a sterile salt water solution; they can wrinkle and rupture, but are a more affordable option than silicone.”


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