Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Shreveport Among the Benefits of FSA

Disfigurement, either by disease or accident, can be emotionally painful, especially in a society that tends to be extremely image-conscious. Shreveport locals who are going through such an experience can seek the help of a trusted Shreveport plastic surgery center like Knight and Sanders in identifying solutions.

Still, a reconstructive surgery isn’t cheap, much like other medical procedures for that matter. Fortunately, people who need reconstructive procedures may resort to a number of available means for financing, one of which is the medical flexible spending account (FSA).


Paying for Shreveport, LA Breast Augmentation Costs Through the FSA

One of the things Shreveport residents may want to consider is using their FSAs to finance cosmetic procedures that they might have been wanting to get for quite some time. For example, locals who intend to get breast augmentation in Shreveport, LA can use their FSAs to cover some of the costs of the procedure by making certain rules work in their favor.

According to the current guidelines, breast augmentation generally isn’t eligible for FSA payments, since, as a cosmetic procedure, it does not carry significant impact on personal health. However, pain medications that are typically prescribed after the procedure, such as Percocet and Demero, can be reimbursed by FSAs.


Shreveport Breast Augmentation—FAQs about Breastfeeding with Implants

You might be planning to breastfeed your baby when they are born. If you’ve recently had a Shreveport, LA breast augmentation service done, you may wonder if breastfeeding is possible and if so, will your implants have an effect on your ability to breastfeed and the amount of milk you can produce. Finding the answers and preparing yourself will help you make better decisions about breastfeeding with implants.


Conventional Shreveport Breast Augmentation is Safer for Now

Because of the recognized ability of stem cells for tissue or organ regeneration, advertising claims on what stem cell therapy can do to reverse aging have taken a tricky turn. Many of the claims of what the therapy can do have not been proven and are yet without any scientific basis. There was a case involving an L.A. resident two years ago that made headlines after the latter underwent a stem cell facelift.

The woman turned over her own adult stem cells to the clinic that would perform surgery on her, and unknowingly injected mesenchymal stem cells (cells more likely to turn to bone rather than fat) into her eyelids. The result is an unwavering pain and a disturbing “clicking” sound in her right eye, which turned out to be small fragments of bone rubbing against each other. The patient was unable to open her eyes for months.


Got Migraine? You Could Look at Knight and Sanders – Plastic Surgery for Relief

Migraine has long been treated with conventional medications. But with advancements in plastic and reconstructive surgery research, it has been determined that migraine apparently can now be treated using two cosmetic surgery procedures—eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and forehead lifts. These two surgeries are believed to help alleviate migraine attacks.

Some of the earliest trials of performing blepharoplasty for migraine relief were performed by a team of surgeons from Louisiana State University’s School of Medicine. Also called eyelid lift, blepharoplasty is done by adding or removing fat from the eyelids. Performing the so-called “trigger nerve decompression” surgery on selected patients, the LSU surgeons reported an over 90 percent success rate on migraine relief as an effect of the surgery—a finding which they published in the journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation in Shreveport, LA for Body Reshaping

People are often judged (or measured) not only by the shape of their faces, but by the appearance of their bodies. It’s important to remember that, more than what others think of them, how they feel and what they think of themselves are what matter. It’s fortunate that options exist for people to alter the shape of their bodies, through exercise or through permanent medical procedures like plastic surgery.
One of the common cosmetic procedures sought by women is breast augmentation. The demand for breast augmentation is increasing since beauty metrics are now influenced by Hollywood trends. The choice to undergo breast augmentation with a Shreveport, LA plastic surgery practice like Knight and Sanders is a personal decision, but it would help to make an informed decision about it.